Ostby Family Photos

In the late 1960's or early 1970's several members of the Ostby family vacationed to the ancestral home in Norway. While there they researched official records. From that research I generated the two following documents.

Ostby Family History

Ostby Family Tree, yes it's hard to read but it is interesting! There is something like 15 generations listed.

The following photos were borrowed from Bobbie Ostby in 1997 and digitized by Joe Harlan, husband of Christina, daughter of Tom. They were added to the internet for your enjoyment!

Wedding photo of Paul & Emma - 1898

Wedding photo of Paul & Emma Ostby - closeup & enlarged

Guro Thornby Ostby about 1900. Guro was P.G.'s first wife and mother of P.I.D. She passed away in 1908.

Paul Irgens Dybdahl Ostby about 1900

P.G. and Ranvei Gavle Ostby about 1909. P.G. was P.I.D.'s father. Ranvei was P.G. second wife. She was the mother of Emma.
Thanks to Janice Christensen (daughter of Otto) for sending me this picture.

An Email from Uncle Otto (Sept 17,2000) ....

    >The picture of the school kids is Brookfield #8, Worth County, Iowa.  
    >Clarine is the one in the middle with the "cooking pot hat" according 
    >to the kid standing by her, which is Grace Banken.  
    >Wally is on the far right.  By Wally, is Alvin Orpen, the school
    >teacher was Theresa Stumo, Bernice Brunsvold is standing by the teacher
    >(left), then Carol Banken.  Tom on the far left.  The date is about 1931.

A barnstormer bi-plane about 1931.
Tom, Clarine and Wally with their school friends from Brookfield #8.

The Ostby men about 1934

The family about 1935

The family about 1935

The family about 1935

Ostby men about 1935

Ostby men about 1935

Ostby women about 1935

Tom at work aboard the USS Nevada about 1939 or 1940.

Wedding Photo of Tom & Bobbie Ostby, March 28, 1943

Tom and Wally about 1944

Local newspaper prints a retraction!
I'm sure the entire family is relieved to finally learn that Tom was not involved in this accident!

Ostby men about 1948
In the front row middle is P.I.D. with his brothers on either side.
In the back row, left to right is Tom, Eugene and Bill

Paul & Emma Ostby on their 50th wedding anniversary in 1948

Paul & Emma Ostby about 1950

Paul & Emma Ostby about 1950

Paul Irgens Dybdahl Ostby about 1950

Paul Irgens Dybdahl Ostby about 1950

Husbands and wives about 1956

Brothers and Sisters about 1956

Emma and the brothers about 1965

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